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Hawaii Lions Eyebank and Makana Foundation

The Hawai’i Lions Eye Bank & Makana Foundation is the result of a merger between two non-profit organizations that shared the same basic goal; to serve our community, the people of Hawai’i. Both missions have been maintained in order to preserve the spirit of both organizations.


Mission of Hawai'i Lions Eye Bank

Hawai’i Lions Eye Bank is dedicated to sight restoration by:

  • Providing our community with quality ocular tissue for transplantation.

  • Providing non-surgical ocular tissue to bona fide research institutions so we can further humanities understanding of blinding diseases with the hope that one day unnecessary blindness can be prevented.

  • Maintain the principles of Lionism.


Mission of the Makana Foundation

From 1969 to 1987, the Makana Foundation was the first organization in Hawai’i to:

  • Establish and maintain a donor registry in Hawai’i.

  • Promote donation by explaining the donation process, how one can become a donor, and what the donated eyes, tissues, or organs can be used for so the people of Hawai’i can make an informed decision.

  • Makana Ka Maka. The Gift of Sight program that assists in the fight against blindness by providing gratis ocular tissue to people in Hawai’i and throughout the world who are in need of special assistance to regain sight.

  • Raise the level of awareness in Hawai’i regarding the prevention of blindness.

  • Administer the Hawai’i Lions – District 50 Lions Vision Van

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